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          β-Carotene is a new and safe nutrition additive.

          Source:www.yongqingcfo.com Publication time:2022/1/28 15:12:45 Hits:times

          As a colorant, it is listed in the national standard of the People's Republic of China (the hygienic standard for the use of food additives GB-2760-96). Beta-carotene is not only a good coloring property, stable and uniform color, but also an excellent antioxidant. It has synergistic effect with vitamin A and vitamin C. Therefore, it is widely used as a colorant and nutritional fortifier for medicine, food, feed additive and cosmetic colorant. The microencapsulation of beta-carotene with gelatin or other plant colloids as the main wall materials has been successfully realized. It not only increases the stability of beta-carotene, but also changes its solubility, which is beneficial to the dissolution of beta-carotene in water, thus expanding its application in food.

          Beta-carotene is an expensive natural pigment with special nutritional and health functions. It is a popular product on the international market and has a very broad market prospect. With the continuous development of toxicology and analytical technology, people gradually realize the carcinogenic effect of chemically synthesized beta-carotene on human body, and a small amount of components are toxic, while natural products have a good anti-cancer health care effect. Therefore, natural beta carotene will gradually become the leading product in the market of beta carotene.

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